About Us

The story of Top Shop Automotive is that of three friends and their shared love of working on cars. Co-owners Willie, Pat, and Mark met and became friends with each other while they were working as mechanics in separate shops. Pat opened his own shop with Willie’s encouragement while Mark worked at Wolfgang. Like Pat, Willie also went out on his own, opening Top Shop Automotive in Isla Vista in 1986. Years later in 2004, Willie found out that his old boss, Hans Loesch, was retiring. So in an effort to preserve the shop where he had learned to turn a wrench for the first time, Willie purchased the place (then named Loesch’s VW) and merged it with Top Shop Automotive, moving the shop location from Isla Vista to Goleta.

At that time Pat and Mark both joined him as co-owners of a new and improved Top Shop 2.0. Pat’s business, Strictly Foreign, was merged into Top Shop. Each guy brought something to the table, Pat contributing his German car expertise and Mark providing his ASE Master Technician certification as well as European and Asian expertise. Together the three men worked hard to create what Top Shop Automotive is today, an honest and dependable shop.

Then as much as now, Top Shop Automotive has been committed to reliable service in a friendly atmosphere. All our technicians and service writers are ASE certified, and we send our technicians out for training every 4 months to keep them apprised of the newest vehicles, car equipment, and diagnostics.

Further, since the community is the lifeblood of our shop, we make sure to give back as much as we can. We currently sponsor San Marcos sports and the YMCA football league.

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